About us

My Fair 
Company and EVA Group express their sincere gratefulness for your interest.

My Fair - is one of the leading companies in the field of international education fairs, round tables and seminars in Uzbekistan, Russia and Kazakhstan. 

Our mission is focused on the further comprehensive development of youth. Inasmuch as our young generation can fulfill its professional knowledges gained from abroad thus to promote further development of economic and social spheres of a country. 

Our events:
-Exhibition: Education and Job 2019, April

-Exhibition: Education and Job 2018, November

-Exhibition: Education and Job 2018, April

-Exhibition: Education and Job 2017, November

-Exhibition: Education and Job 2017, April

-Exhibition: Education and Job 2016, November

-Exhibition: Education in Korea 2016, May

-Exhibition: Education and Job 2016, April

-Exhibition: Education and Job 2015, November

-Exhibition: Education in Korea 2015, May

-Exhibition: Education in Job 2015, April

-Exhibition: Education in Job 2014, November

-Exhibition: Education in Malaysia 2014, May

-Exhibition: Education and Job 2014, March

-Exhibition: Education and Job 2013

-Exhibition: Education in Malaysia 2013

-Exhibition: Education and Job 2013

-Exhibition: Education in Malaysia 2012

-Exhibition Education and Career 2012

-Exhibition Education Abroad 2011

-Exhibition Education Abroad 2010

-Exhibition: Education in Malaysia 2010

-Exhibition Education and Career 2010

-Exhibition: Education in Malaysia 2009

-Exhibition Education and Career 2009

Our staff has a significant experience in organization of international and local fairs, exhibitions, seminars and presentations. 
Taking this opportunity, allow us express our deep respect and hope for the mutually beneficial cooperation !

Informational partner.