7 - 9 OCTOBER 2021

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Dates: October 7 - 9, 2021

Venue: online platform with promotion in the Republic of Uzbekistan


12 years of experience in holding educational exhibitions in Uzbekistan made it possible, in the context of the COVID-19 Pandemic, to launch a series of summer-autumn virtual exhibitions in 2020 to familiarize applicants with the possibility of obtaining international education.

The total number of events held - 4 (four) for 2020, despite the Pandemic (3 exhibitions in the summer and 1 exhibition in November), such international organizations took part as:

- Representative offices in the Republic of Uzbekistan (Erasmus +, British Council),

- JSC "REC", Delegation of the European Union.

Media partners from the Republic of Uzbekistan:

- Agency for Youth Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

- Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

- Management of the State Department of Education of the city of Tashkent;

- AL "International House";


- Ziyo Forum.


Educational institutions - please submit an application in the registration form on site www.myfair.events


Coordinator: Saydullaev Rustam Fayzullaevich

Phone: +7 495 133 10 69 extension 103

Mobile: +99890 137 09 90 (What’s up, Viber, Telegramm)

Mail: rustam@mystudy.uz

Website: www.myfair.events www.myfair.uz www.rosobrazovanie.uz

Coordinator: Tukhlieva Jasmin Arturovna

Phone: +7 495 133 10 59 extension 101

Mobile: +99890 972 55 45 (What’s up, Viber, Telegramm)

Mail: eduexpo@mystudy.uz

Website: www.myfair.events www.myfair.uz www.rosobrazovanie.uz

Coordinator: Zasseev Arthur Vasilevich

Phone: +7 495 133 10 59 extension 104

Mobile: +99890 338 86 66 (What’s up, Viber, Telegramm)

Mail: russiafair@myfair.uz

Website: www.myfair.events www.myfair.uz www.rosobrazovanie.uz



The number of visitors to the exhibition is 10,000 in Tashkent and more than 5,000 visitors in other cities for 1 day of the exhibition, where exhibitions are held. The main contingent is made up of graduates of schools, colleges, academic lyceums with their parents; students, educators, representatives of educational agencies.


Participants - 60 universities from such countries as: Russia, Great Britain, Malaysia, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan, Poland, Austria, South Korea, Germany. The exhibition was attended by applicants from countries such as the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Russia, and the Republic of Kyrgyzstan.